NEOBOND® Chameleon

  • NEOBOND® Chameleon series colours reflect in a natural way, creating a fascinating colour shifting effect on its exterior surface. Presence of special pigments is distinguishing feature of Chameleon coating. Depending on the pigment type and viewing angle, one colour shades into the other simultaneously, delivering shimmer and harmonizing reflection of colour spectrum, providing a subtle and elegant impression. With aluminium composite panels NEOBOND® Chameleon panels architects can create genuinely remarkable experience and provide an exclusive appearance for any facade.
NEOBOND WCH-84099 White Pearl
WCH-84099 White Pearl
NEOBOND WCH-84105 Mystic Golden
WCH-84105 Mystic Golden
NEOBOND WCH-84098 Arctic Blue
WCH-84098 Arctic Blue
NEOBOND WCH-84097 Water Lilly
WCH-84097 Water Lilly
NEOBOND WCH-84088 Vine Mapple
WCH-84088 Vine Mapple
NEOBOND WCH-84101 Coral Red
WCH-84101 Coral Red
NEOBOND WCH-84102 Tropical Forest
WCH-84102 Tropical Forest
NEOBOND WCH-84100 Antique Brass
WCH-84100 Antique Brass
NEOBOND WCH-84096 Emerald Green
WCH-84096 Emerald Green
NEOBOND WCH-84107 Royal Purple
WCH-84107 Royal Purple
NEOBOND WCH-84109 Old Lavender
WCH-84109 Old Lavender
NEOBOND WCH-84095 Deep Blue
WCH-84095 Deep Blue