NEOBOND® Wood & Stone

  • NEOBOND® Wood & Stone series aluminium composite panels present an excellent imitation of various types of wood (Oak, Cherry, Alder, etc) and stone (Granite, Marble), providing an authentic patterns and structured impression of a real wood or natural stone.
  • NEOBOND® wood & stone combines beauty of natural material and outstanding characteristics of aluminium composite panel, allowing to create complex shapes and designs. Wood & Stone series panels are excellent for different types of facade cladding both in impressive large compositions or narrow decorative slats, adding fascination to any architectural design.


NEOBOND WD87401 Ash tree
WD87401 Ash tree
NEOBOND WD87418 Rustical Oak
WD87418 Rustical Oak
NEOBOND WD87115 Alder
WD87115 Alder
NEOBOND WD87340 Yew tree
WD87340 Yew tree
NEOBOND WD87426 Cherry
WD87426 Cherry
NEOBOND WD87373 Bog oak
WD87373 Bog oak
NEOBOND WD87400 Mahogany
WD87400 Mahogany
NEOBOND WD87042 Ebony
WD87042 Ebony


NEOBOND White Marble
WS87357 White Marble
NEOBOND Black Granite
WS87192 Black Granite
NEOBOND Grey Granite
WS87371 Grey Granite
NEOBOND Grey Marble
WS87358 Grey Marble
NEOBOND Pink Granite
WS87111 Pink Granite
NEOBOND Red Granite
WS87125 Red Granite
NEOBOND Sand Marble
WS87423 Sand Marble
NEOBOND Rose tea Marble
WS87201 Rose tea Marble
NEOBOND Yellow Granite
WS87325 Yellow Granite
NEOBOND Brown Marble
WS87083 Brown Marble
NEOBOND Green Marble
WS87356 Green Marble