• NEOBOND® Copper an exquisite and fascinating cladding composite panels covered with natural copper, presenting a variety of design options and leaving a lot of opportunities for creativity. Over the time copper weathers naturally from shiny red to dark brown, and then to an elegant blue-green colour or patina. For those who wants to speed up natural aging processes, product range includes factory-applied surface treatments to get various kinds of copper oxidation and patination.
Copper Natural
Copper Coated
Copper Vintage
Copper Brown Longline
Copper Brown Oxid
Copper Dark Brown Oxid
Copper Patina Green
Copper Patina Blue
Copper Patina Drops


  • NEOBOND® Brass composite panels are covered with elegant golden layer of natural brass, which will be beautifully changing after it is revealed to atmosphere. It's natural weathering process will be gradually developing its colour from sophisticated golden to brown and purple while finally developing a completely brown tone.
Brass Polished
Brass Longline
Brass Dark Longline

NEOBOND® Stainless Steel

  • NEOBOND® Stainless Steel composite panels are covered with shiny layer of natural stainless steel, which is a perfect solution for sustainable design and contemporary concept in architecture. NEOBOND® Stainless Steel composite panels can be an excellent choice not just for a large and extensive buildings, but also for a smaller structures. In combination with other textures, such as stone or wood, stainless steel panels can provide an exclusive and chic appearance to any facade.
Stainless Steel Brushed
Stainless Steel Mirror